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You Know You're Spanish When...

You Know You're Spanish When...

You put your clean pots in the oven for storage

Your mother keeps a can full of recycled cooking oil on or near the stove

Your relatives take photos and videos at a wake.

You have to say "bendicion" to your grandmother / mother / aunts when you come in and before you leave

Your grandma's couch is covered in plastic even though it's older than you

You call all cereal "con flay"

You call any sneaker "tenis"

You can't leave a party without taking home a plate of food

Your grandma makes you put on slippers because walking around barefooted will make you get sick

You need that piece of cake before you leave the party

You found out about a Saturday party on Wednesday

"La Correa" or "La Chancla" were used to discipline you

You have those huge wooden spoons on the wall

The biggest pot in the house is burned from all the rice cooked in it

You blast the music at 8am to clean the house on a Saturday

The whole family gathers around and stands still in front of the video camera at a wedding, baptism, or birthday party and just smiles like its a regular camera.

You set up a "hamaca" whenever your family goes to the park

You are older than one of your uncles or aunts

Your Mom has two sets of dishes and bed sheets: One for everyday use and the other for "cuando llege visita

Your mother keeps the rice in a big green soda-cracker can and instead of a scoop inside , it`s a tea cup with a broken handle

You go to a birthday party and your friends that couldn't go are asking you to bring them back some food

Your mom / tia / abuelita has a ceramic elephant on the living room table

Your favorite dish is pegao

You have an aunt who sells pasteles on the side

It could be 100 degrees outside and your mom is cooking pernil inside in the oven.

SO TRUE!!!!!!!

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